PATAGONIA - Chubut, Argentina.

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Esquel is a city in the northwest of the province of Chubut, in Argentina, which is located in the Futaleufú department of which it is the head. It is the most important service center in the Chubut range. It has among its most outstanding economic resources livestock, forestry, and tourism, being The most outstanding attractions are the Los Alerces National Park, the La Hoya ski center and La Zeta Lagoon. A little further south, Trevelin and Corcovado close the southern lake area of ​​Northern Andean Patagonia.

⛷ La Hoya ⛷

It is a ski and snowboard center, located 13 km from the city of Esquel in the province of Chubut, Argentina. The southern orientation of the hill means that its slopes receive little insolation, thus creating the necessary conditions for the formation of the powder snow that characterizes it and makes it attractive internationally. As its name indicates, it has the shape of a hole or amphitheater located behind the path of the Sun in the sky, For this reason, it retains snow until well into the month of October, a time when you can practice the sport with little clothing. It has sectors for the practice of alpine skiing suitable for beginners, advanced, experts and competition, an area for cross-country skiing and a snowpark.

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    🌳Los Alerces National Park🌳

    Los Alerces National Park is a large protected area located in the Province of Chubut, Argentina. It includes Lake Futalaufquen, Lake Verde, Lake Krüger, Lake Rivadavia, Menéndez and the Arrayanes river. Due to its incredible landscapes, it is considered one of the most beautiful national parks in Argentina.

      🏕 Trevelin 🏕

      The main attraction of this picturesque town are its tea houses. Thousands of visitors arrive every year, just to get in for a day in Welsh customs and thoroughly taste all the delicacies offered by these bastions of European tradition. there the tourist can take his time, while savoring the tea, try the classic black cake, breads and scons all homemade, and taste delicious sweets made with fruits and herbs from the region. You can also enjoy the delicate and typical decoration of these houses.

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